What to do on a rainy Monday morning? Skip school, of course.

Photographed by Carlos Álvarez Montero at one of Mexico City’s most popular skateparks, Rainy Days and Mondays takes on a school day sojourn. Manmade, as are most urban oases, and half-empty, as are outdoor spaces on a cloudy morning, the Chapultepec skatepark becomes a meeting ground for the diehard and the stylishly naughty. Clothes by minimía, styling by Jeannine Diego, model: Cruz.

Cruz-Jeannine-231 copyCruz-Jeannine-52 copyCruz-Jeannine-158 copyCruz-Jeannine-104 copyCruz-Jeannine-8 copyCruz-Jeannine-123 copyCruz-Jeannine-190 copyCruz-Jeannine-209 copyCruz-Jeannine-533 copyCruz-Jeannine-199 copyCruz-Jeannine-351 copyCruz-Jeannine-276 copyCruz-Jeannine-393 copyCruz-Jeannine-550 copyCruz-Jeannine-599 copyCruz-Jeannine-403 copy




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